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Get Involved

Below are several ways you can partner with us.

PRAY for people who may be contemplating abortion right now.
LEARN the facts about abortion and how it affects families in the community.
ASK your pastor, church leaders and community leaders to speak out on this issue.
INVITE a pro-life speaker to your church, clubs and civic organizations.
SUPPORT abstinence only programs that encourage youth to save sex until marriage.
ENCOURAGE women facing an unplanned pregnancy to see help from a local pregnancy resource center for further confidential care.
EDUCATE AND SPEAK to legislators about the devastating impact that abortion is having on the community.
NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the impact YOUR feedback can have on YOUR elected officials!
BECOME a Lifesaver by committing to give monthly donations to Central Texas LifeCare.
To become a Lifesaver Click Here (link to our donation site?)

Click here for a list of other opportunities to get involved.